NEIL was rescued on 27th November 2003
NEIL - Rescued 27th November 2003 Neil arrived late at night on the 27th of November. He had been spotted next to a car park in Penzance along the Boardwalk. The people that phoned informed us that he was in an area of high disturbance and very close to the road. When we arrived Neil appeared lethargic and malnourished so we rushed him back to the hospital where we gave him some fluids to start the 24 hour rehydration process.
Neil was later introduced to fish. He ate heartily by himself almost immediately. The wounds that he had upon arrival were superficial and so have now fully healed. It will be a short stay for this young seal in the hospital. Due to his healthy appetite and abundance of energy he will be moved down to the outside pools very soon.
Update 18th April 2004 - It was a short stay for Neil in the hospital and due to his healthy appetite and abundance of energy he was quickly moved down to the outside pools and released on 16th April 2004.
Wey, Brant and Neil - photo was taken by Sue SayerUpdate: 5th February 2006 - Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group* couldn´t believe it.....three Sanctuary Seals were seen in St Ives Bay area and right next to each other! Wey (rear right pink 043), Brant (rear left pink 032) and Neil (rear left white 007). Wey and Brant were sleeping next to each other all the time Sue Sayer was there. Neil spent most of the time playing with another juvenile seal at the water´s edge, but later he hauled all round the edge of the haul out and finally selected a spot to rest - right next to Wey and Brant!!! Coincidence or what???? This photo of Wey, Brant and Neil was taken by Sue Sayer.
Update: 27th October 2017 - Neil has been spotted many times at seal haul-outs by members of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust.
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Photo right was taken by Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust*.
Photo of Neil was taken by Sue Sayer on 30th October 2007
*Members of the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust volunteer hundreds of hours of their own time to photo, identify, carry out surveys, monitor and watch over the seals around the Cornish coast, especially at pup time!