MUTLEY - Rescued on 12th October 2006

The Sanctuary staff received a phone call from a lady from Old Town on St Mary´s (Isles of Scilly), on 12th of October 2006, to say there was a seal on the beach that looked injured. The lady described the wounds and the team decided that the pup needed to be brought back to our hospital. We now had to get the pup on the next helicopter from the Isles of Scilly to Penzance. One of the team were dispatched to pick up the pup as it was flying in (boy were his flippers tired – I know bad joke) and due to arrive at 3.20pm. The seal pup was picked up and driven straight back to the Sanctuary and put into Isolation 2.Mutley in the isolation pen in hospital - photo was taken on 13th October 2006 by Rachael Vine
Mutley in the isolation pen in hospital - photo was taken on 13th October 2006 by Rachael VineThis is where the cute pup that had been quiet on the way back turned nasty and was showing teeth and growling at everyone. Tamara had the pleasure of jumping him and from his examination, it was discovered that he had lots of puncture wounds to his body and was malnourished. He weighed 16 kilos on arrival was between 4 - 5 weeks old and is now on a course of antibiotics vitamins and iron, we have called him Mutley. Mutley is now moving onto fish as he decided that he doesn´t need fluids anymore, and the team don´t want to lose any limbs by trying to put a tube down his throat.
Hospital Update: 20th October 2006 - Mutley has now also been moved in to the main hospital and HER wounds are now healing, SHE is also self feeding, and is still very aggressive. You may be enquiring why we have put SHE and HER in capital letters. The reason is this, Mutley was having his temperature taken this week by Tamara, when suddenly Mutley relieved himself on Tamara´s hand, this would not happen if it was a little boy, so she has now been re-sexed. Unfortunately we can not change her name, so we now have a little girl called Mutley. Mutley in the main hospital - photo was taken on 20th October 2006 by Rachael Vine
Hospital Update: 27th October 2006 - Mutley who was in hospital 2 had a change of antibiotic which now means all her wounds have healed. She was due to go in to water at the end of the week, but due to the arrival of more pups in the hospital, she has now been moved to the outside nursery pool 1. Mutley´s orange flipper tag number is 06.
Hospital Update: 17th November 2006 - Mutley was moved into the convalescence pool and is now getting very fat and doing well.
Mutley being released back into the wild - photo was taken by Rachael VineUpdate: 22nd December 2006 - Mutley along with Koko and Simba were released back into the wild on 22nd of December 2006. It was an early start on Friday morning as the Animal Care Team were all in between 6.00 and 6.30am to weigh and put them in the trailer. This took a bit of time as they had to try and find these three in the morning light. Finally at about 7.20am the seals were all in the trailer and everyone headed off to Church Cove.
All three came out together with Simba just a little bit ahead of the other two. As soon as their flippers touched the water they headed straight back up the beach (maybe the water was too cold!), but with a little encouragement from the Animal Care Team, they headed out in to the big ocean, and as everyone left they were all having great fun exploring.