Muffin - Dartmoor Pony
Born : In 1998

Favourite Food : Polo Mints and Pony Nuts

Likes : A big area of personal space

Amazing Fact : Although almost blind, Muffin has no problems getting around the paddock. When the Tuppence and Bracken escape they neigh to let her know which part of the fence they have broken through.
Muffin Muffin is a Dartmoor Pony Mare. She was brought to the sanctuary in April 2005 after being donated as a companion pony. She was in good condition when she arrived and settled in very well.

Unfortunately she developed cataracts in both eyes. She is completely blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other eye. Due to this she has become quite a shy pony.
Dartmoor Ponies are native to the UK and have lived on the moors since the Middle Ages. These hardy ponies have wonderful temperaments and make fabulous ponies for children and adults alike.

They are recognised as a rare breed by the rare breeds survival trust.

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