MORGAN - The first rescued pup of the season
Morgan, our first rescued pup of the season The National Seal Sanctuary has taken in its first seal pup of the winter season; we were called by the staff at the Minack Theatre who had been alerted to the injured pup by a visiting family.

He was extremely malnourished, weighing only 13 kilos and with some nasty injuries to his back flippers.
Morgan was rushed to the seal hospital, where on initial examination it was noticed that he was having problems breathing, he was given some fluids to help rehydrate him and then we started him on a course of antibiotics for his respiratory infection.
Morgan named after the family who found him, was then fed around the clock and gradually his condition has improved. He has continued to respond to the treatment and is well on the way to recovery.
Morgan, our first rescued pup of the season
During the pupping season we urge members of the public not to disturb any seals they find, what can appear to the public to be an abandoned pup, is in fact just one waiting for their mother, who is just off shore watching. Once the pup has been handled or moved the mother will more often than not leave it.

If anyone does discover a seal they should either call us at the Sanctuary on 01326 221361 or the RSPCA.

It has been a late start to the pupping season this year, so we are preparing for a busy few weeks, but for the moment, Morgan is in the hospital´s isolation unit getting very special attention.
Update 10th December 2003 - Morgan has been with us for over a month and a half now. Fish were left in his pen but he showed no interest in them at all. So we are now helping Morgan to eat. He is feeding very well and is well on the road back to recovery. Morgan, our first rescued pup of the season
Update 1st May 2004 - After months of force feeding Morgan fish to help him gain weight, the Animal Care Team decided that Morgan needed to see other seals feed to learn from them. It was clear that Morgan should be moved to a nursery pool. Within only a few days of being in a pool with other seals Morgan´s behaviour completely changed and he finally began to feed himself to the relief of the Animal Care Team. He was finally ready for his release back to the wild on 30th April 2004.