MONTY was rescued on 16th January 2004
Monty is one of our much-travelled pups. He was originally rescued by the Torquay Wildlife Centre and he transferred to the Sanctuary in mid-January. Monty had several clinical problems: he was slightly malnourished with puncture wounds to all flippers; he was very lethargic and anaemic; he also had diarrhoea, vomiting and a heavy worm burden.
Hospital Update - Monty now weighs 19kg and is self feeding. He is on a course of antibiotics, stomach settlers, multi-vits and iron. Once Monty had been wormed, his stomach soon settled and was finally able to digest his food. Monty is feeding very well and his wounds are healing. When Monty reaches 20kg he can be moved to the pools for the final stage of rehabilitation.
Update 1st May 2004 - Monty responded well to treatments to settle his stomach and to remove worms, and by the end of his antibiotic course, he was digesting food well and had begun to feed for himself. External wounds also healed quickly, and within a few weeks, Monty was fit enough to move out of the Hospital and down to the pools. Monty was ready for his release on 30th April along with Morgan and Sage.