Minnie was rescued on 10th October 2014
Minnie, one week old female grey seal pup (whitecoat), was rescued on 10th October 2014 from the beach at Strangles near Crackington by Michelle Robinson, a member of the British Divers Marine Life (BMDLR) Rescue team.

The pup was found to be separated from her mum, she still had a bit of umbilicus but very small for her age and very noisy! The pup was taken to the BDMLR´s temporary seal holding facility until a pen was available in the hospital at Gweek.

Photo right courtesy of Michelle Robinson (BDMLR).
Minnie - photo taken by Michelle Robinson (BDMLR)
Minnie Upon arrival at the Sanctuary, the pup was put into one of isolation pens of the hospital. She was given a mixture of fluids and liquidised fish (like a milk-shake).

The sanctuary´s local vet prescribed the pup with antibiotics as a precaution to fight any infections she may be harbouring.
Update - 26th October 2014 : Minnie is doing well but is still small and continues to very noisy. She is responding well to treatment and even starting to nibble on a few fish. The pup is in isolation pen number 1 but will be moved to the main hospital soon. She currently weighs 14kgs.

This photo of Minnie was taken on 25th October 2014.

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Update - 28th November 2014 : Minnie is now in the outside nursery pool for her next stage of rehabilitation.
Her flipper tag number is 037.

Update - 1st January 2015 : It is with great sadness we bring you the news that Millie, passed away during the night of 27th December 2014. The animal care team were very surprised as she appeared to be doing well in the convalescent pool.