Milo was rescued on 16th October 2008

A pup was rescued on the 16th October 2008 from Delabole near Tintagel. He was only 10.5 kilos and had been abandoned by his mum. Injuries were a graze above his left eye, which he is now receiving eye drops for and a course of antibiotics. He is only between 2-3 days old and is being fed on multi-milk. We have named him Milo.
MiloUpdate: 24th October 2008 - Milo is a good boy and wounds are healing, he is still in isolation at the moment but looks forward to feeding time, and to keep him company has the good old welly boot to act as mum.

Update: 7th November 2008 - Milo is in water and lots of splashing can be heard from his pen. He has moved on to fish and has finally started to moult (with big clumps of fur being left in his pen).
MiloUpdate: 24th November 2008 - These photos of Milo were taken on 15th November 2008 in the hospital. Due to the influx of pups, Milo is sharing his hospital pen with another rescued seal pup named Merlin, although he is unhappy at the intrusion. Milo´s flipper tag number is 006 (red).

Update: 12th December 2008 - Milo now weighs 14 kilos and sharing a pen with Erin.
Update: 24th December 2008 - Milo currently weighs 16 kilos.
Milo Update: 1st January 2009 - These photos of Milo in the outside nursery pool were taken on Monday 29th December 2008, he is sharing the pool with Erin.

Update: 16th March 2009 - Milo was released back into the wild earlier today along with Ellie, David, Ken and Sandy at Gwithian.