Species : Common (harbour) Seal

Date Admitted : 17th June 2012

Sex : Female

Found : Old Hunstanton beach

Miley was found by members of the public on Old Hunstanton beach struggling to swim in the choppy seas.
MileyAfter rescuing her from the water the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary staff found she was only two days old. She is receiving the very best care and should grow up healthy and strong. Miley is supporting Hannah Miley in all her swimming events in these Olympics!

Update: 1st July 2012 - Miley is now in the weaning pool with Oates, Daley, Dempsey and Ogogo.
Her flipper tag number is 12 (green).

Photos (left & above) of Miley were taken on 30th June 2012. Click here to see a larger photo of Miley.
Update: 22nd July 2012 - Miley is currently learning how to feed for herself. She enjoys chasing the fish in the water around her pen but hasn´t yet learned how to pick them up. She likes playing under the hose and splashing around her pen. She currently weighs 15 kilos.

Update: 1st July 2012 - Miley has mastered the art of feeding herself - but just like a toddler she is determined to do it her own way! She is currently more white than brown from the fish oils, as she likes to tear her fish up and eat them in small chunks!! Daley is helping the team teach her to eat them in one piece but Miley seems to be having too much fun! She currently weighs 15kg and is
putting on weight nicely.
Update: 20th October 2012 - Miley is in the outside resident seal enclosure pool for her final stage of rehabilitation and she currently weighs 31.5kg.
She will be released back into wild next month.

Photos (right) of Miley was taken on
16th October 2012.

Click here to see a collage of photos of Miley.
Miley Update: 8th December 2012 - Miley is now a resident SEA LIFE Sanctuary! Her thyroid level dropped too low to be released back to the wild so she will be on life-long treatment to maintain her level.

When it drops Miley loses her appetite and becomes lethargic which in the wild would mean she would become malnourished and the Sanctuary do not want to release a seal back into the wild with a health problem that is serious, so she´s staying at the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary.

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