Mike was rescued on 1st October 2010
On 1st October 2010 when the weather started to get a little rougher, we received a telephone call from Dave Jarvis (BDMLR) about a pup found on the beach at Gwithian, malnourished with breathing problems. With the pups in the hospital still receiving multi-milk, every four hours, Dave transported the seal to Gweek where the Animal Care Team were preparing an isolation pen ready for its arrival.

The Pup arrived at the hospital and the team could start a clinical assessment. The pup a little boy named Mike was around two weeks old, malnourished at only 13 kilos with ruckly breathing but with no wounds was put on a course of fluids and antibiotics to fight the infection in his lungs.
Mike has now moved from isolation in our main hospital in to pen number four. Mike has very quickly learned to eat mackerel by himself and is also learning to swim. Hopefully it will not be too long before Mike moves down to our outside nursery pools.
Mike Update: 22nd October 2010 - This photo of Mike was taken on 20th October 2010 in the outside nursery pool No. 1.    Click here to see further photos.

Update: 4th November 2010 - Mike is in nursery pool 1 on his own. Mike is very good at catching fish, this is why he is in a pool on his own. On the 1st November Mike had reached his target weight and was moved into the Convalescent Pool. At first Mike was a little unsure but by the afternoon feed, hunger got the better of him and he was in the pool competing against the others for his fish.    Mike's flipper tag number is 003 (white).
Update: 28th November 2010 - Mike is still in the convalescent pool with Boo, Pearl, Sulley, Roz and Rex.

Update: 1st January 2011 - Photo right of Mike was taken in the convalescent pool on 29th December 2010.

Update: 8th February 2011 - Mike currently weighs 46 kilos.
Mike - 29th December 2010
Seal Release Update: 6th March 2011 - Mike along with Pearl, Sulley, Rex, Buzz and Robert were released back into the wild on 28th February 2011.

Update: 13th September 2011 - Mike was seen by Sue Sayer at a local haul-out along the north coast of Cornwall on 19th March 2011 and 6th May 2011. Sue is a member of the Cornwall Seal Group who identifies and monitors seals in the wild.
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