Michelle (Shell) was rescued on 21st January 2009

"Shell" short for Michelle came to the Sanctuary from the RSPCA, she was rescued from Pendeen on the 21st January 2009. She had fishing net around her and a bite to her nose and weighed 17.9 kilos, and around 10-12 weeks old.

She was transferred to the Sanctuary on 11th March 2009 and put into nursery pool No. 1 with Custard Cream and Olive. Shell´s orange flipper tag number is 62028.
Michelle (Shell)
Update: 27th March 2009 - Shell has now been moved into the convalescent pool and is putting on weight, she is now 28.7 kilos.
Michelle Update: 10th May 2009 - These photos of Michelle were taken on 8th May 2008 in the convalescent pool.

Update: 15th May 2009 - Michelle along with Thursday, Olive and Kathy were released back into the wild on 13th May 2009.