Jamie was rescued by the RSPCA and was taken to Westhatch Wildlife centre for treatment. He was malnourished and was suffering from a nail bed infection on his front flipper.

Jamie was transported to the seal sanctuary a week after his arrival at RSPCA´s centre at West Hatch so that he could receive further treatment for his nail bed infection. He is now in a nursery pool with Fiji but we are still keeping a close eye on the infection.

McCassin was rescued from Torbay on 6th February 2001 by the RSPCA. She received emergency treatment at West Hatch RSPCA centre before being transported with Jamie Clogg down to us at the Sanctuary. McCassin seemed to have the same problem as Samson, she was losing hair and had been rescued with oil on her coat. She has since stopped losing hair and is in the nursery pools with her.