Mars was rescued on 22nd September 2013
Gender : Male

Location of Rescue : Tintagel, north coast of Cornwall

Age at Rescue : 10 days old

Weight at Rescue : 18 kilos

Reason for Rescue : Puncture wounds and an eye injury.

Photo right and below were taken by Nathan Jones, Click here to see a larger picture of the photo on the right.
Photo of Mars was taken by Nathan Jones This pup was found on the steps at Tintagel waiting to be rescued by Nathan Jones and Faye Archell, members of the British Divers Marine Life (BDMLR) team.

Upon arrival at the Seal Sanctuary´s hospital, a clinical assessment was carried out on the pup by members of the animal care team, he was found to have puncture wounds to all his flippers and left shoulder. He has been prescribed antibiotics for his wounds.

The pup has been named Mars.
Update - 30th September 2013 : Mars has now been moved into the main hospital.

Click here to see a collage of photos of Mars taken on 28th September 2013. At the time of this photo being taken of Mars, he weighed 28kgs.

Update - 12th October 2013 : Mars has now joined the other two rescued pups, Aurora and Eclipse, in the outdoor nursery pool for his next stage of rehabiltiation and learn how to compete for fish. Mars is a bit overwhelmed by the two girls at the moment.
Photo of Mars
Update - 26th October 2013 : Mars had been moved down to the outside nursery pool number 2 on the 12th October because the Animal Care Team had decided since he refused to eat for himself in the hospital he may start to learn from other pups if he moved down.

Unfortunately so far he is ignoring that the other seals exist, and is quite anti-social! Hopefully the two clever girls, Aurora and Eclipse, will show him how it´s done! The Animal Care Team are helping him feed still at the moment. He is noisy and a little of a dumb dumb! but a lovely seal. Mars currently weighs 20kgs.
Mars Update - 16th November 2013 : Mars currently weighs 23kgs and is in the convalescent pool.
His flipper tag number is 141.

Update - 2nd December 2013 : This photo (left) of Mars was taken on 1st December 2013 in the convalescent pool.

Click here to see a selection of photos of Mars.
Update - 29th December 2013 : Mars is currently in the convalescent pool.

Click here to see a larger photo of Mars taken on 28th December 2013.

Update - 20th February 2014 : Mars along with Miranda, Moon, Orion, Indus and Crater were returned to the wild on 17th February 2014 at Carbis Bay.

Click here to watch a short video of the release.
Mars - photo by Sue Sayer of the Cornish Seal Group Update - 11th March 2014 : Sue Sayer, a member of the Cornwall Seal Group and a seal identification expert, checked her photos and compared the seal´s coat patterns with the photos taken at the Seal Sanctuary. Sue had a challenge on her hands, as this seal was completely dry and been out of the sea for a while. Sue was pleased to announce that indeed this was Mars.

Click here to a selection of photos taken by Sue on 9th March 2014.

Click here to see how Sue compared the photos.

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