MAMBO rescued on 19th October 1999
Mambo was rescued from Constantine Bay, Padstow on 19th October 1999. Although a weaned pup he weighed little more than a new born at 11.5 kg. The main reasons for Mambo being so malnourished were the health problems he had.

With cuts and grazes over all his flipper making them very sore he also had a severe bacterial infection in the front right flipper. The claw from his first finger had been torn out, probably from scrabbling around trying to cope with the rough conditions at sea. Where the claw was missing the bones of the finger were exposed and infected.
Mambo in the convalescence pool
Mambo was put onto a range on antibiotics to help fight the infection as if it travelled up the flipper into the shoulder joint Mambo would die. Painkillers, anti-inflammatory tablets and all sorts of pills and potions! Thankfully we have managed to control the infection so far and our vet Paul Riley thinks xrays won´t be necessary.

Mambo´s eyes and flipper are doing well and he now has to learn to forage in this nursery pool before moving into the convalescent pool. Mambo has been free from infection for three weeks now and has progressed to the convalescent pool where is quite bossy! He will soon be ready to be released.

MARY was rescued on 28th December 1999
Mary was another pup found at Porthcothan near Newquay on the 28th December 1999. She was observed for a couple of days high up on the beach where she had been reported to be getting harassed by members of the public and their dogs.

She had eye ulcers, but was in reasonable condition. Unfortunately our hospital was full at time of her rescue, and because of her reasonable size it was decided that she would be put in the Penguin pool, where she would be kept dry and when she needed to be tube fed.
Mary in our old Penguin pool
Luckily James Barnett, the Sanctuary´s ex-vet was helping out over Christmas and came in to assist a member of the team at night time with his fabulous Christmas present a huge maglite! Mary remained in the pool for approximately one month, her blood results showed a mild infection so we treated her with antibiotics and eye drops to clear up the ulcers. Her appetite was enormous and she was moved to the convalescence pool on the 29th January 2000.

SOAPY was rescued on 20th October 1999
Soapy was rescued from Soapy Cove on 20th October 1999. She was underweight and had an infection in her left eye.

After being given fluids she soon decided to eat for herself, swallowing the fish tails left in her pen the following day. She received treatment for her eye and when it healed she was moved down to the nursery pools.
Soapy in our convalescence pool
When Soapy reaches around 30kg she will be moved into the convalescent pool where she will meet other pups as well as the adult seals. Soapy is now one of the fattest pups in the convalescent pool where she is doing very well. She will soon be ready for release!