Senior Citizen Seal Celebrates - 15th February 2005

Europe´s oldest grey seal will be celebrating his birthday this week.

Magnus, who will be 37, is one of the many residents who has a permanent home at the National Seal Sanctuary.

For 25 years, Magnus had been living at a Zoo in Edinburgh, but the Zoo wanted to redevelop his pool for penguins. With no where to go, it was feared Magnus may have to be put down.

The Sanctuary´s founder Ken Jones heard of Magnus´s plight and offered him a home here at Gweek. Magnus has now been here for 15 years, and enjoying his retirement in the convalescent pool with the females.

"When Magnus arrived we were told he was the laziest seal in Scotland, this is true until the breeding season starts in September, then he is very active" said Dr Glenn Boyle.

"With old age upon him, his hearing and sight are now going. But Magnus knows when feeding time is and waits in the corner of the pool by the gate. If Magnus doesn´t receive his fare share of fish, he splashes the water, making feeding time very wet for our Animal Care Team".

For more information contact Dr Glenn Boyle or Rachael Vine on Tel: 01326 221361