Species : Common (harbour) Seal

Date Admitted : 27th May 2012

Sex : Female

Found : Holme (by the NNT house)

Macey is Hunstanton´s first rescued seal of the season, she was an ex-rehab from a different Sanctuary, riddled with worms and massively underweight at 16Kg.
Macey on the beach
MaceyMacey had only been released back into the wild earlier this year by another rescue centre in January weighing 30Kg, but she had a badly infected wound on her mouth that likely affected her ability to catch and eat fish.

Hollie (the Aquarist) (photo left) picked Macey up on
27th May 2012 from Holme by the NNT house after their staff called Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary in.

Upon arrival at the Seal Rescue hospital, she has had her mouth wound treated with anti-biotics and she´s had her wormer treatment.
Update: 10th June 2012 - Macey is a happy healthy pup that eats her fish faster than that the Hunstanton Animal Care Team have ever seen a seal eat before!!

As soon as the Animal Care Team gets the all clear from the lab, Macey will be moved outside with Sally, Amber and Tyne in the main residents seal pool.
Macey currently in the hospital
Macey Update: 1st July 2012 - Macey has been moved outside into the resident common seals enclosure pool for the pup´s final stage of rehabilitation. Click here to see a collage of photos of Macey taken
on 30th June 2012.

Macey´s flipper tag number is 001 (green).

Update: 31st July 2012 - Macey is getting along well with the resident seals and will be shortly joined by some of the other recently rescued seal pups.
Update: 18th October 2012 - Macey along with another of this year´s rescued pups, Pippa, have been moved to Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary´s sister attraction Oban SEA LIFE Sanctuary in Scotland as their new residents. Macey and Pippa have a permanent thyroid condition and will need regular medication for the rest of their lives.