LUNE - Rescued on 23rd January 2005

Lune was rescued from Gwithian near Hayle on the 23rd of January 2005 with the help of British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR). He had been spotted hauled out on the high tide mark the previous day but unfortunately had gone back into the water before anyone could take a look at him. When the Animal Care Team received a further call about him, they called for the help of local BDMLR volunteers to keep an eye on him before they could get to Gwithian to examine him.

When the Animal Care Team arrived, Lune looked exhausted and was obviously extremely dehydrated and required a little TLC back at the hospital.

After just a few days of fluid therapy, fish, treatment and being wormed, Lune is a different seal! He is now bright and active and feeding well. It is hoped that Lune will soon be putting on weight and be able to go down to the pools.

Update 6th May 2005 - Lune along with Teign and Brant were released back into the wild on the 4th of May 2005; all the pups went off very quickly.   Lune´s hat tag number is ´43´. Lune released back into the wild