LUNDY was rescued on 3rd January 2001
Lundy was rescued on the 3rd of January 2001 from the beach at Penzance. He had been spotted by a member of the public, when he had hauled himself out to get away from the rough sea. He was clearly underweight and seem to have an eye complaint.

Once back at the hospital we were able to examine the eye and concluded it was a ulcer, that had been there for some time, as it had started to heal. He is being treated with eye drops 6 times a day to help the healing process.
Lundy in our hospital
Update: 28th February 2001 - Lundy´s ulcers have now healed and he is in convalescent pool. He is a very cheeky and noisy pup who can often be heard singing at the top of his voice before feeding time!

REEF was rescued in January 2001
Reef came to us from the RSPCA after being rescued from Teignmouth in Devon. She was malnourished and was suffering from an ulcerated eye.

She was treated at West Hatch RSPCA hospital where they cleared her eye complaint and fattened her up.

Reef was brought to the sanctuary because we have bigger pools to rehabilitate the seals ready to go back to the wild.
Reef in one of our pools