Ludo was rescued in January 2014
Ludo, a young grey seal pup, was found stranded a thousand miles aways from the UK shores on a the beach near Sagres in Portugal.

The pup was rescued by staff from the Zoomarine rescue centre in the Algarve resort of Albufeira in January 2014 and treated for dehydration and an ulcer in his left eye.
Ludo Once Ludo had completed his rehabilitation at the Zoomarine rescue centre in Portugal, he was flown by plane from Faro airport to Heathrow airport, from there the seal was driven to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary at the beginning of August 2014.

Ludo will remain in one of the nursery pools at the Seal Sanctuary for about 3 weeks to make sure he is fighting fit before members of the Animal Care Team release him back into the wild along the Cornish coastline.
Click here to read Ludo´s press release.

Photos right and above of Ludo were taken on 11th August 2014 in the nursery at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Ludo´s flipper tag number is 235 (orange).
Ludo Update - 30th August 2014 : Ludo was released into the wild from the back of the Atlantic Diver´s boat 7 miles out near The Quies rocks which is just off the coast at Newquay on 27th August 2014.

Click here to read Ludo´s press release.

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Each pup at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary can cost up to £1,000+ to rescue, rehabilitate and release,
if you would like to help by adopting a pup (Adoption £25 each pup) or make a donation towards a
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The staff at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary do a brilliant job and without your help, they couldn´t continue.