Lilly - Common Seal
Lilly, one of our residents Lilly arrived at The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary on the 8th July 2008. She was born at the Weymouth SEA LIFE Park in July 2006 but it was getting crowded there so went to the Tynemouth Aquarium to spend some time there and to learn how to train humans.
The journey from Tynemouth took a long time and because it was quite warm when the people brought her from Tynemouth to Oban they put a large ice cube on her box to keep her cool and damp.

When she first got here she was quite shy and the seagulls scared her a bit at feed times but she is getting used to it now and is starting to train the humans here too. All she does is look cute and the Animal Care Team put their fist out to her and then she "kisses" it, this is rewarded with
a fish every time!

She´s enjoying playing with Lora as she is only a year younger than Lilly. They spend their days between chasing each other around the pool and sunbathing on the haul outs getting
their pictures taken.

Lilly will be Lora´s long term companion now that Lorne has sadly passed away. Hopefully they will spend many years playing together and looking absolutely adorable together.
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Update: 3rd January 2011 - We are sad to announce that over Christmas 2010 we came into the Sanctuary to feed our animals to discover that Lilly, our resident common seal,
was missing from her pools.

Update: February 2011 - After further investigations, we have concluded that Lilly took an advantage of a fault in the drainage system to release herself into the wild.