Lightning McQueen rescued on 13th March 2011
The Sanctuary received a call from Dan (member of the Animal Care Team) who was at Godrevy. Dan had spent the day watching a pup on the beach which had monofilament netting caught around it´s neck and hoping a chance would present itself that he could abseil down the cliff and rescue it.

Dan, who was actually on a day off, and with the help of other members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), late in the afternoon on the 13th March 2011, Dan had his window and quickly processed down to the beach.
Lightning McQueen
The pup feeling very unwell gave up a good fight, but after removing of the netting the injury would definitely need treatment back at the Sanctuary. The pup was brought up the cliff and transported to Gweek.

Here at the Sanctuary the pup was met by the team who started it´s clinical assessment and treatment. The pup was a good weight at 26 kilos and good body condition, but with a pretty big open wound which was infected. Blood samples were taken and a course of antibiotics to help fight the infection. This pup is a little boy and has been named Lightning McQueen, due to the fact that he is very quick.

Update: 20th March 2011 - Lightning McQueen´s name has now been shortened to Lightning, he is doing well in the hospital and is making treatment difficult for the team and he is very quick and will not keep still.

Update: 30th May 2011 - Lightning McQueen along with Manny, Bulleyes and Gruffalo were released back into the wild at Gwithian on 16th May 2011. His flipper tag number is 39 (white).
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