LEWIS was rescued on 1st November 2000
Lewis was rescued from St Marys in the Isles of Scilly on the 1st November 2000. A white coat aged under a week, he was rescued due to his position and some unhappy circumstances.

Lewis was found on a roadside just after a blind corner and even though he was repeatedly put back on the beach, he continued to make his way back onto the road.
Lewis in one of our pools
A white pup with its mother had been spotted on the next cove round to Lewis the day before, but the mother had been found dead that morning. Flown to Penzance by hellicopter, Lewis was soon settled in the hospital. Weaned from milk onto fish he soon started to feed himself. With some TLC and a worming treatment, Lewis was moved outside where he continues progress well.

FLIP FLOP was rescued on 5th October 2000
Flip flop was rescued from Saunton in North Devon by the RSPCA on the 5th October 2000. The RSPCA decided that he needed to be rescued as his eyes were ulcerated and he had various wounds to his body so he was taken to West Hatch RSPCA wildlife hospital in Taunton for treatment.

Once at the hospital he received eye drops six times a day, was put onto a course of antibiotics and received pain relief for his ulcerated eyes.
Flip Flop in outside pool
Flip Flop in outside pool Although flip flop had a number of problems he was otherwise in very good body condition for his age, weighing 30kg when he arrived. It wasn´t long before he started to feel better and he quickly took to eating fish for himself and progressed to their outside pool when his eyes were clear from infection.

As the RSPCA didn´t have any other pups for flip flop to socialise with, he was transported down here to the sanctuary on the 1st of November 2000.
Here at the sanctuary flip flop will soon be learning to socialise with other pups and also our adult seals in the convalescence pool. As well as social skills he will also learn how to compete for his fish with the adult seals who are often very quick and hungry! If flip flop manages well in the convalescence pool and continues to put on more weight he will be going back out to sea after the winter.