LEW was rescued on 3rd November 2004
Photo by Dan JarvisLew was rescued by the BDMLR from Porthmeor on the 3rd November 2004, he was 2 weeks old and weighed 22.5kg, this is a very fat pup. He is being force fed fish, but shows no interest in the fish tails put in his pen.
Lew being releasedUpdate 20th May 2005 - Lew along with Dee, Wiske and Taw were released on Friday 20th May 2005 at Gwithian. First out of the trailer was Lew (hat tag number 51), he went out and was happy to play in the surf. Second of the trailer was Wiske (hat tag number 56), she didnt want to go, but after 10 minutes she made her way to the water. Taw had no hat, he was third out the trailer and went straight to the water.
Last out of the trailer was Dee (hat tag number 50) with the scar on his shoulder is still visible, he was reluctant to go but once he felt the water on his flippers he was off.
Update 15th July 2005 - Little Lew was spotted in Wales on 4th of July 2005 and reports were he was not doing too good. Lew was kept an eye on all week by members of the public, and on Sunday 10th of July 2005, it was decided that Lew would be brought back to Gweek, he arrived late Sunday night and was put into the nursery pool 2. Monday morning (11th July 2005) Tamara took some blood, as he has hair loss on his belly and underside of his flippers. We are now waiting to find out if there is a reason for him missing hair. Lew seam to enjoy being back and got all excited when he saw the fish van on Monday morning.

Update 23rd July 2005 - Some sad news, Lew was found this morning in his pool. It seems Lew passed away in the night. As yet we are not sure of the reason, but will keep you informed when we hear something. All the team will certainly miss him, as he was one of their favourites this year.