LARCH was rescued on 22nd January 2004
Larch was rescued on 22nd of January 2004 from Mullion Cove, he was approximately 4 weeks old and weighed 14kg. When Larch arrived at the sanctuary, he was malnourished with two large deep wounds to his right rear flipper also it was noticed that one of the digits on his rear flipper appeared to be broken.
X-ray of flipperHospital Update - Larch now weighs 20.5kg and is self feeding. He is on a course of antibiotics, anti-mucolytic, multi-vits and iron. Despite treatment, Larch´s broken digit did not heal and had to be surgically removed. He is now recovering well and piling on the pounds.

Larch will require 6 weeks antibiotic treatment before the vet can remove the stitches, but after this he will be moved down to the pools.
Larch on vet's table
Larch was released at Church Cove, along with Thistle and Willow, on 5th July 2004.