LADA was rescued on 31st October 1999
Lada was rescued on the 31st of October 1999 by the RSPCA in Wales. He was a very sorry looking pup with an advanced infection in his right eye and small ulcers in the left one.

An initial test also showed him to have salmonella. We quickly got on top of his infection by putting him on a daily course of antibiotics and by the continued application of eye drops every three hours! Although Lada has lost most of the sight in his right eye, we managed to save the other one and he can now see perfectly well.
Lada in the convalescence pool
He is enjoying himself in the convalescence pool with the other pups and is rapidly putting on weight.

ELIJAH was rescued on 2nd December 1999
Elijah was rescued on the 2nd December 1999 from Torpoint. His rear right flipper was very swollen with an infected wound to his ankle.

Elijah needed emergency fluids and antibiotics, as well as painkillers and anti-inflammatories. He is a real character and is adapting well to life in the convalescence pool.

He will be released in the spring.
Elijah in the convalescence pool

MONSOON was rescued on 18th December 1999
Monsoon was rescued from Porthcothan on the 18th December 1999. He was malnourished and had lots of wounds over his body. Monsoon was so named due to the weather conditions at the time! The staff in the hospital returned to care for him throughout the night, braving the local floods and high winds to provide him with his emergency fluids, and so saving his life!

He started eating fish very quickly and soon moved down to the nursery pools. He is a very gentle pup who has adapted very well to life in the convalescence pool.
Monsoon in one of the hospital pens