KOKO - Rescued on 9th October 2006

Around 3.30pm on Monday 9th of October 2006, the Sanctuary received a call from a member of the public at Porthgwidden in St Ives, who was concerned about a seal on the beach. Early indication revealed that the pup was on its own and due to the amount of people on the beach taking an interest in the pup, we called on one of the BDMLR, Tim, who went and checked it out. A phone called back to the Sanctuary and speaking to a member of the Animal Care Team, it was decided the pup needed to be taken to Gweek.
Koko in the transport cage sleepy on arrival here at the sanctuary - photo was taken on 9th October 2006 by Rachael VineKoko looking around her new home in the hospital - photo was taken on 9th October 2006 by Rachael Vine Koko enjoying her first shower - photo was taken on 9th October 2006 by Rachael Vine
The pup was brought in and it was another little white coat, and was about 2 weeks old. ´Koko´ as she has been named is a little girl and weighed 20.5 kilos. She was then given an examination which revealed puncture wounds to her rear and front flippers and a couple of scratches to her eyes, but over all not to badly injured. Koko is in isolation 3 and will remain in there for the next 10 days. She will be on fluids for the first 24 hours and will then move onto multi milk.
Koko - photo was taken on 20th October 2006 by Rachael Vine Hospital Update: 20th October 2006 - All of Koko's wounds have healed and she has now been moved down to the outside nursery pools with Roo. Koko's orange flipper tag number is 05.
Hospital Update: 17th November 2006 - Koko has turned out to be a wimp and not an adventuress seal. Koko will wait until the convalescence pool is filled right up to the top before getting in. We tried to encourage her into the pool whilst it was filling up, but she just headed straight for the steps and climbed back out.
Update: 22nd December 2006 - Koko along with Mutley and Simba were released back into the wild on 22nd of December 2006. It was an early start on Friday morning as the Animal Care Team were all in between 6.00 and 6.30am to weigh and put them in the trailer. This took a bit of time as they had to try and find these three in the morning light. Finally at about 7.20am the seals were all in the trailer and everyone headed off to Church Cove. Koko being released back into the wild - photo was taken by Rachael Vine
All three came out together with Simba just a little bit ahead of the other two. As soon as their flippers touched the water they headed straight back up the beach (maybe the water was too cold!), but with a little encouragement from the Animal Care Team, they headed out in to the big ocean, and as everyone left they were all having great fun exploring.