SILKIE was rescued on 12th September 1999
Silkie was rescued from Keneggy sands, about 8 miles down the coast from Gweek on the 12th of September 1999.

She had some plastic caught around her neck and her mother was nowhere to be seen. The people who called us here at the sanctuary were able to remove the rubbish from around her tiny body and watched carefully until staff arrived at the beach.
Silkie in the seal hospital
After a long climb up the cliffs, Silkie was brought back to the sanctuary and given a full clinical examination, as are all our rescued pups. She had a slightly raised temperature and some ulcers on her gums. At just under a week old she was in reasonable condition.
Silkie in the convalescence pool
With a small umbilical infection there was little wrong with her and a short course of antibiotics later she was being force fed her mackerel. Soon learning to feed for herself, a 20kg she was moved into an outside pool. Weighing in at 27kg at the beginning of the month she will soon be ready for the convalescence pool.

Silkie continued to do well and spent several weeks in the convalescence pool gaining weight. She was released back into the wild on the 19th of January 2000.

KIMBERLY was rescued on 21st September 1999
Kimberly was rescued from Chapel Porth near St. Agnes on the 21st of September 1999. This is a popular place for seal mums to give birth, and not far from where the sanctuary was first started by Ken Jones. She weighed 14kg and had obviously been fed by her mother for a short period of time, as she had a small amount of blubber on her body.

With an infected scratch under her eye and grazing to her nose and chin, she looked a little forlorn, although the main reason for her rescue was the rough seas and her location. In the back of the narrow cave she was in, at high tide, she would have been washed onto the rocks.
Kimberly in one of our nursery pools
Kimberly´s temperature was very high 38.7°C, so she was given fluids and anti-inflammatory drug to reduce this. A pain killer was given by injection to relieve any discomfort from her swollen eye and her grazes were bathed with a disinfectant solution. Again feeding herself relatively quickly, she was moved into a nursery pool on site and is weighing in at 26kg to date.

After spending some weeks in the convalescence pool Kimberley was bitten by another pup on the right rear flipper. She was put back into a nursery pool where we could clean the wound regularly and ensure she was eating the medication hidden in her fish. She will remain in this pool until her current course of antibiotics are complete when she will be moved back in readiness for release. Kimblerley was released back to the wild on 15th March 2000.

CRACKER was rescued on 24th September 1999
Cracker was rescued from Crackington Haven near Bude on the 24th of September 1999 and was brought into the sanctuary by the RSPCA. On arrival he was given essential fluids as he was very dehydrated.

His clinical examination revealed that he had numerous cuts on his body, with some quite deep ones on his fore flippers and his tail, probably caused by being bitten by another seal. He was treated with antibiotics and a painkiller and had his wounds cleaned. Cracker was given fluids every four hours until he was rehydrated and is now on a routine of milk feeds.
Cracker in one of the isolation pens
Cracker in the convalescence pool Cracker is now becoming a very aggressive pup to handle. He is very snappy and angry at being touched and to the team´s delight has just started to chew at the fish left in his hospital pool. The most recent blood results have improved remarkably so Cracker is at last on the mend.

Cracker was moved down onto site sharing a nursery pool with Soapy a female pup. After doing well and reaching 30 kg in weight he was moved to the convalescence pool. After a few teething problems with adjusting to lots of other animals he did well; being released back into the wild from Port Gaverne on the north coast.