KEEKLE was rescued on 31st October 2004
Keekle a rescued pupKeekle was rescued from Rinsey Cove near Praa Sands on the 31st October 2004, he was 4 weeks old and weighed 13.5kg. Keekle pup was very malnourished with wounds to rear flippers, and breathing problems.

He is on antibiotics and is being force fed fish. Keekle is a quiet pup but is bright and alert.
Keekle being released Update - 31st January 2005 - Keekle along with Severn and Trent were released back into the wild on Monday 31st January 2005 at Gunwalloe. Keekle overtook Severn to get to the water but Trent was a little more reluctant to make the final steps to the wild after trying to climb back into the trailer! Keekle´s hat tag number is 26.