JURA was rescued on 9th December 2000
Jura was rescued from Perranporth on the 9th of December 2000 by members of the Animal Care Team. He was lethargic and underweight. On examination back at the sanctuary Jura was found to be suffering from gingivitis, malnutrition, numerous wounds, and abscess on the side of his neck, a slight swelling on the right side of his pelvis, and worms. As a result of his condition Jura was put onto antibiotics immediately, and wormed. He was tube fed fluids for the first 3 days, and is now hand fed fish 4 times a day. Jura is feeding well but has put on little weight, and will need to remain on treatment in the hospital for the time being until he is feeling better.

Update 28th February 2001 - Jura put on weight slowly but is now feeding well and looking lovely and fat in the convalescent pool.

EIGG was rescued on 4th December 2000
Eigg was rescued on the 4th of December from Mullion. With wounds and being on the thin side he was brought back to the hospital. Healing within a few weeks Eigg was moved outside at 17.5kg.

Unfortunately Eigg has caught a chill in the frosty spell and developed a chest infection. He has been moved back into the isolation wing for intensive, round the clock care. With some medication he should recover soon.
Eigg in the hospital
Update: 28th February 2001 - After intensive care up at the hospital, Eigg recovered well from his chest infection and was put back into a nursery pool. Unfortunately we soon found out that Eigg is not the most sociable seal pup that we have here at the Sanctuary. When we introduced him to another seal - Fiji, he chased her out of his pool and refused to let her eat any fish at dinner time!Despite this unsociable behaviour Eigg is now in the convalescence pool doing well, but keeping his distance from the other pups!