Jupiter was rescued on 19th November 2013
Gender : Male

Location of Rescue : Portreath

Age at Rescue : 3 days old whitecoat still had umbilicus

Age at Weight : 16kgs

Reason for rescue : No sign of mum. Swollen rear flippers.

As you can see from the photo this pup is very very cute!

This pup was monitored for many hours with no sign of her mum, a decision was made to rescue the pup by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team and transported to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary where he was put into isolation pen number 2 in the hospital. The pup has been named Jupiter.
Jupiter Update - 2nd December 2013 : This photo (left) of Jupiter was taken on 30th November 2013 in the hospital´s isolation pen number 2. He currently weighs 16kgs.
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Update - 8th December 2013 : Jupiter is still being forced fed fish and is doing amazingly well! Shouts a lot, and is enjoying having his first few paddles in water! Has only just started to moult, about 2-3 weeks old. He is currently in hospital pen number 2.
Update - 29th December 2013 : Jupiter is currently in the nursery pool 3 with other rescued seal pups Nebula and Wormhole.

Jupiter´s flipper tag number is 196 (orange).

Click here to see a larger photo of this taken on 28th December 2013.
Jupiter Update - 19th January 2014 : Jupiter has spent a few days back in the hospital.

Update - 25th February 2014 : Click here to see a larger version of this photo of Jupiter taken on 22nd February 2014 in nursery pool number 1.

Update - 1st May 2014 : Jupiter is currently in the outside pool and putting on lots of weight.
Update - 3rd June 2014 : Jupiter was released with two of his pool mates Rover and Ayla back to the wild on 2nd June 2014 at Gwithian.

Rover was the first one out of the release trailer and headed into the surf without a backward glance, he was quickly followed by Ayla, however, Jupiter took a while longer to venture into the waves where Rover was met by Ayla who was swimming just off shore.

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Seal Release - 2nd June 2014
This seal release was shown on BBC1 The One Show on 3rd June 2014. Click here to watch the release.

Each pup at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary can cost up to £1,000+ to rescue, rehabilitate and release, if you would like to help by adopting a pup (Adoption £25 each pup) or make a donation towards a pup´s rehabilitation,
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The staff at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary do a brilliant job and without your help, they couldn´t continue.