ITCHEN - Rescued 6th October 2004

Itchen (male) was rescued from Mousehole on 6th October 2004. At five weeks old and weighing 17kg, he was very malnourished and had large wounds to head and neck, with one large wound to his head. He is being force fed fish and doing well.

Update 29th October 2004 - Roskilly and Itchen were moved in to nursery pool 1 on Monday, both are doing well and loving the attention given to them by the visitors.
Itchen - with hat tag Update 29th December 2004 - Itchen is one of three seal pups with hat tags, his hat tag number is ´01´. Itchen and the other two pups, Roskilly and Blythe, should be ready for release soon.
Update 4th February 2005 - Itchen was released along with Roskilly, Itchen and Blyth, back out into the wild this week. We had checked the weather and due to the big waves on the North coast, it was decided to release on the South. All three were loaded up in the trailer and ready to go. There was a change of plan at the last minute as the North coast was now flatter then the South. Itchen - Released back into the wild
We arrived at the release site; first out was Itchen, who was not impressed. Next Blyth was released, this pup was not hanging around and headed straight for the water, without looking back. Roskilly was the last to come out the trailer, after 5 minutes of exploring the sand, he headed for the water. In the meantime, Itchen is trying to get back into the trailer but with no luck. After moving across the top of the beach for about 10 minutes and then moving up and down the bottom of the beach for another 10 minutes, Tamara finally managed to show him in which direction he was going. After feeling the water on his flippers, there was no stopping him and he was off. The hat tag numbers are: Roskilly (00) Itchen (01) Blyth (10).

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