ISLAY was rescued on 3rd October 2000
Islay was rescued from Penberth Cove on the 3rd of October 2000. She is the second pup this rescue season to be named along our theme of ISLANDS.

A white coated pup, she was picked up by James, a local RSPCA ambulance driver, due to infection in both of her eyes. Islay received fluid therapy when she arrived here but as soon as she started to lose her white coat we slowly introduced a small amount of fish at feeding times. Because Islay was not eating fish for herself we had to gently force feed her fish to her.
Islay in our Hospital
Islay in our convalescence pool Although this doesn´t sound very nice and can sometimes be a little stressful for them, it is necessary to do this in order for the pups to get the idea of eating fish for themselves.

Thankfully it didn´t take Islay long to start eating and as soon as her ulcers cleared up we were able to move her down to the convalescence pool.

TRESCO was rescued on 4th October 2000
Tresco was rescued on the 4th October 2000 from Crackington Haven. Although in the middle of her moult she seemed a little underweight, maybe after being separated from her mother prior to weaning.

However, the biggest problem with Tresco were her eyes. Both had very nasty ulcers on their surface which would have resulted in the eyes rupturing or scarring over. Blindness would have resulted.
Tresco in our Hospital
Tresco was weaned onto fish soon after she arrived at the Seal Sanctuary and had both antibiotic tablets in her fish as well as antibiotic drops in her eyes, six times per day.

A difficult pup to handle due to the pain in her eyes, we were happy to see her eat fish for herself soon after arrival!
After intensive eye treatment Trescos eyes are now clear from infection so she has been moved down to the nursery pools where she has the company of other seal pups to interact and play with.