Ice Cream Man Delivers Seal - 1st October 2004
Roskilly´s ice cream delivery driver, Will Pollard, got more than he bargained for when he delivered on Monday 27th September 2004 to Lamorna near Mousehole.

A seal pup just a few weeks old had been found in a cove with netting and two fish hooks in his face. The National Seal Sanctuary had been called and was on route to the location, but with the tide on the way in, this weak pup was in danger.

"With the tide fast approaching, we managed to wrap the small pup in a towel, and carry it up the beach to safety, where we waited for the experts." said Will

Senior Animal Care Assistant Tamara Cooper arrived and the pup was given fluids on the scene as he was very dehydrated and taken back to the Sanctuary for a full check up. The pup named Roskilly, is doing very well and the team are pleased with his progress.

The team were also called out the next day to a pup on Gwithian beach. The 3 weeks old pup was found in the middle of the beach, and was at risk from crowds of people wanting to take a look. This pup appeared to be in good health on first sight, but a close examination revealed a high temperature and swollen flipper. He was taken back to the Sanctuary for rest and recuperation.

"Although these pups would not have survived with out the kind help of the public, we recommend that people do not touch or move any pups during the pupping season, but call the Sanctuary on 01326 221361 with any concerns, and follow the advice given by our experts." Added Tamara.