News Update

News Update - December 2010December 2010
Beckham, Defoe and Cole were released back into the wild on 27th November 2010...More>>
News Update - October 2010October 2010
Gerrard, Terry and Crouch were released into a tidal estuary that takes them out to the sand-banks where the big seal colony is. All three pups were happy to be out, and slowly made their way down the river towards their home...More>>
News Update - September 2010September 2010
Milo, a common seal pup, was released back into the wild on Monday 13th September 2010. We teamed up with Searles Sea Tours and...More>>
News Update - August 2010August 2010
This month saw the arrival of two rescued common seal pups, Cole on 1st August followed by Beckham on 5th Augut 2010...More>>
News Update - July 2010July 2010
Milo is now in the outside seal pool with the resident seals for his final stage of rehabilitation and learning to compete for fish...More>>
News Update - June 2010June 2010
This month saw the rescue of three seal pups, and also the eagerly awaited start to the World Cup, so we decided to go along with the soccer theme, naming the pups after England Players...More>>
News Update - April/May 2010April/May 2010
Milo, a rescued common seal, was only around 21kg when she arrived and should have been approximately 35-40kg at her age... More>>
News Update - March 2010March 2010
Our amazing new attraction brings together some of the scariest looking creatures of the deep, beasts from the icy depths that resemble giant insects, slimy and slithering things... More>>
News Update - February 2010February 2010
Chinese Mitten Crab found on the Ouse Wash signifies a hidden threat for the nature reserve... More>>
News Update - January 2010January 2010
The penguins had a new friend in their enclosure - a giant Snowguin! Two members of our animal care team decided one morning to move one of the penguin litter bins... More>>


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