News Update

News Update - October/November 2009October/November 2009
The Seal Hospital is currently empty and we have now given it a thorough clean so all the isolation pens are ready for the Grey Seal pupping season...More>>
News Update - August/September 2009August/September 2009
See latest amazing photos of our new editions to the Aquarium, and also Tyne has been with us for over a year now and she has settled in very quickly and gets on really well with all of the other seals in the pool...More>>
News Update - June/July  2009June/July 2009
Our reputation seems to be growing as earlier this month we had a work placement student with us for 3 weeks who came all the way from America - just so she could learn about seal pup care...More>>
News Update - May 2009May 2009
A local fisherman found a strange looking crab on the beach only a couple of miles from the Sanctuary at Heacham. He brought it in for us to see and we were able to confirm that it was a Chinese Mitten Crab...More>>
Seal Release - 15th February 2009February 2009
On 15th February 2009 we released four common seals, Albert, Corn, Floss and Spot back into the wild. All four seals were now weighing between 30-40 kg and had spent the last two months...More>>


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