Valentine was rescued on 23rd October 2017
Valentine, 1-2 weeks old whitecoat female seal pup, was rescued on 23rd October 2017 from Isle of Scilly.

She had an infected umbilicus and grazes to his front flippers and chin. Weighed 11kgs.

Update - 25th October 2017 : Valentine was very poorly when she first arrived at the seal hospital, the Animal Care Team had to come in and give her special night feeds to help her get better.
Update - 25th October 2017 : Valentine is still having some extra feeds with glucose to fatten her up as she is very small. She is doing much better now and eating the fish the animal care team are force-feeding her very willingly.
name Update - 1st January 2018 : Valentine is currently in the nursery pool learning how to compete for fish with other rescued seal pups.

Valentine´s flipper ID tag number is 319 (green).

Click here to see a larger version of this photo was taken on 27th December 2017.