Twerk was rescued on 10th October 2018
Twerk, female common seal pup, was rescued from Holcomb beach on 10th October 2018.

Whilst in high spirits and of decent weight, Twerk has unfortunately contracted ´Seal Pox´ which is a viral infection much like chicken pox.

This caused her to not only have some sore blistered spots all under her front flippers, but caused her to develop a strong lung worm burden.
Twerk Update - 18th November 2018 : Twerk currently weighs 16.3kgs. With some time, rest and the right medications, the Animal Care Team plan is to have her return to the Wash within the next few months.

Twerk´s ID flipper tag number is 464 (green).

This photo of Twerk was taken on 16th November 2018, Click here to see a larger version.