Terry Nutkins Nature Trail

The Terry Nutkins Memorial Nature Trail, which was officially opened on 16th April 2013, is a winding half-mile walk through a sign-posted wooded landscape.

The Sanctuary are proud to name the new "Nature Trail" in Terry´s honour and hope it brings visitors a taste of the enjoyment and passion for our native wildlife that Terry helped inspire in countless thousands of young people during his life.
Nutkins Nature Trail Photos
Nutkins Nature Trail With stunning views of the Loch, look outs to check out the local wildlife and beautiful hand carved animals, The "Terry Nutkins Nature Trail" is a beautiful way to learn more about the animals we have right here in Scotland.
The trail is perfect for all the family to enjoy, whatever the weather and offers an education to all visitors who have a natural curiosity for wildlife, and provides the opportunity to learn about how species interact with each other as well as with us. Nutkins Nature Trail
Nutkins Nature Trail The trail also highlights the great conservation work which the Sanctuary does.

During your next visit, check out some of the local resident´s favourite places to relax, from the red squirrel, to the herring and from the hedgehog to the badger, you are sure to see a wealth of Scotland´s diverse eco system on this short trail.
Station yourself in a waterside bird-watching hide and see how many species you can spot!

Hides help you watch the wildlife whilst staying hidden from the animals, making them great for photography, and filming.
Nutkins Nature Trail
Nutkins Nature TrailEven better, unaware of your presence, the animals will normally stay for longer, meaning you have more time to watch them in their natural habitat.

There are even benches for you to take in the stunning vista across the Loch.