Sleepy was rescued on 31st December 2019
Sleepy, a 3-4 weeks old male grey seal pup, was rescued from Heacham South beach on New Year´s Eve. At 9kgs he is very underweight having failed to thrive after separating from his mum.

Mid-moult it is likely he was separated too early so the Animal Care team are going to rehydrate him and teach him to find and catch his own fish so that he can be released back in to the Wash.
Sleepy Update - 21st January 2020 : It was touch and go for a first 2 weeks with Sleepy, but with the Animal Care Team feeding him every 4 hours (day and night) he has put on weight. He currently weighs 11kgs.

This and further photos of Sleepy were taken on 19th January 2020 in the hospital.
Update - 15th February 2020 : Sleepy is currently in the pup´s pool finishing his rehabilitation. He now weighs 25kgs and has developed the typical grey seal attitude.

He shouts at the Animal Care Team when they open his door and growls when they clean his water. The Team are confident that Sleepy will thrive once he is ready for release. Click here to read his recent press release.
Update - 21st March 2020 : Sleepy has completed his rehabilitation and was released back into the wild on 16th March 2020.