Senator Bail Organa was rescued on 10th January 2017
Senator Bail Organa, grey seal pup, was rescued on 10th January 2017 from Bawdsey in Suffolk by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

At around 4 weeks old Senator Ball is old enough to be fending for himself and should be learning to hunt in the wild. The Animal Care team will tube feed Senator Bail with the special liquidised fish soup until he is ready to eat whole herring fish.
Senator Bail Organa
Senator Bail Organa

When the Aminal Care Team checked Senator Bail in after his three hour journey by car to the Sanctuary, they found that he might have a broken or dislocated toe in one of his back flippers. The vet xrayed him to confirm this and operated, but this shouldn´t hinder him in the long run and he should make a full recovery.

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Update - 21st February 2017 : Click here to see a larger version of this photo of Senator Bail taken on 19th February 2017 in the hospital pen.

He currently weighs 20.5kgs.
Photo of Senator Bail was taken on 19th February 2017