R2D2 was rescued on 17th January 2017
R2D2, male grey seal pup, was rescued on 17th January 2017 from Filey in Yorkshire. Due to the lack of space at SEA LIFE Scarborough, he was relayed by car to Hunstanton SEA LIFE where R2D2 will spend the rest of his rehabilitation.

As a fully weaned pup, the Animal Care Team are feeding R2D2 whole herring and encouraging him to feed for himself.
R2D2 Update - 21st January 2017 : The Animal Care Team hope it is just a matter of time until R2D2 reaches 40 kgs and can be released back into the wild!

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Update - 10th February 2017 : R2D2 has sadly passed away on 31st January 2017; it is always very sad when one of the rescued pups dies but sometimes these little ones just don´t have enough antibodies and strength in them to pull through, despite the best efforts of all the staff at Hunstanton SEA LIFE.