Sanctuary Pitches in to Safeguard Marine Life
South of Scillies

Visitors to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary are being urged to help win protected status for an important area of marine habitat to the south of the Scilly Islands.

The area is an important feeding area for lots of marine life including rare basking sharks, and of course grey seals.

Four week old seal pup Jumanji (photo right) who arrived last November from St Mary´s, malnourished and with a nasty gash on his shoulder, was one of several casualties in the Scillies that the Sanctuary has cared for.
Jumanji - 27th December 2015 in the nursery pool
Sanctuary Pitches in to Safeguard Marine Life South of Scillies Now visitors will be encouraged to sign postcards calling for the area to be declared a Marine Protected Area.

The Sanctuary helped the Marine Conservation Society and others persuade the Government to approve the 50 coastal MPAs already protected in England.

MCS believes another 34 are necessary, however, including the area off the Scillies, if the overall protected area is to succeed in helping safeguard our native marine life for the future.
Rachel Alcock, Senior Campaigner for MCS, said that seeing native marine animals close up, as they do at the Sanctuary, made the marine world much more real for visitors...often for the first time.

"After getting an idea of the life supported by our seas, visitors can now really get involved in helping secure the future of habitats and species," she added.
Sanctuary Pitches in to Safeguard Marine Life South of Scillies
Dan Jarvis, the Sanctuary's Animal Care Team member "Sanctuary visitors can now show the government how much they care about our seas and how vital it is that the area south of the Scillies becomes a Marine Protected Area."   The Sanctuary´s Animal Care Team member Daniel Jarvis (photo left) agreed.

"Given that this is such an important habitat for seals in particular, and we spend so much of our time rescuing and rehabilitating sick or abandoned seal pups, this is a mission very close to our hearts," he said.
"It would be reassuring to know we were returning healthy pups to an environment that is at least a little better protected," he said.

The Sanctuary´s partner charity The Sea Life Trust has made habitat protection its primary goal in 2016, and is championing calls for more protected marine zones off the US and Australia as well as the 34 new areas recommended for England.

The Trust hopes the Sanctuary and its sister attractions around the UK will collect at least 100,000 postcards.
Sanctuary Pitches in to Safeguard Marine Life South of Scillies

Press Release issued by the Sea Life Trust
For more details, please contact Georgina Shannon on 01326 221361
Issue Date: 17th August 2016