Sun lounging seal at the Seal Sanctuary

With the pleasant surprise of a heat wave hitting Cornwall, it appears that it´s not just humans that enjoy lounging in the sun!

Male grey seal "Pumpkin" who is a resident at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary has been spotted by the team, and guests, using the sun canopy over his pool as a hammock!

Tamara Cooper, head of animal care says "Pumpkin never ceases to surprise us with his playful nature but we were certainly not expecting to see him lounging happily on top of the canopy designed to give the seals some extra shade on sunny days! "
Pumpkin Pumpkin initially used his surfboard to pin the canopy down so that he can get his chin on the edge then wiggle his way on. Now he has learnt to leap out of the pool and launch himself into his hammock.

Once he´s in position he looks so happy with himself that we don´t have the heart to move the canopy. Whilst he´s still having fun, the canopy/hammock will stay!
Pumpkin was rescued in Guernsey by the GSPCA and was transferred to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary on the 18th November 2010 for his next stage of rehabilitation and to learn to compete for fish with other seals.

However, due to Pumpkin´s persistent bladder infection, the vets advised that the sanctuary could not release him, so he is now a permanent resident at the sanctuary.
Pumpkin Pumpkin is also known for enjoying lounging on his surfboard in the Pool. Recently the team decided his current surfboard was on its way out and put out an appeal on social media for anyone with an old surfboard that they would like to donate to Pumpkin.

The sanctuary was inundated with offers and Pumpkin now has a lovely new surfboard in his pool that you can see him enjoying (if he´s not in his hammock!).
Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Georgina Shannon on 01326 221361.
Issue Date: 29th June 2015