Beach Cleaners Bag 36 Kilos in 45 Minutes!

Hunstanton Primary School children and staff from the resort´s Sea Life Centre removed 36 kilos of rubbish from Old Hunstanton beach in just 45 minutes.

They were taking part in the annual Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup operation. Along with the expected plastic bags and bottles and items like baby wipes and drinks cans, there were some more surprising items like a roof tile, a toy car and a pair of knickers. A dead bird, balloons, tennis balls and a pair of flip-flops also featured.
Beach clean - 18th September 2015
Similar events were hosted simultaneously at beaches right round the country, and a detailed account of the findings will be published next spring.

"To collect so much in such a short space of time from a relatively small stretch of shoreline was a sobering experience," said Sea Life´s clean-up organiser Natalie Emmerson.

"Almost every item we picked up was a potential death trap for marine or shoreline animals. It really highlighted the need for us all to recycle our rubbish more effectively."

Pictured (above) with their bumper collection of debris are Hunstanton Primary pupils Lily Holton-Williams, Jacques Parris, Ted Coldman, Layla Mugaseth, James Kite, Chloe Burrel, Scarlett Martin, Stephen Larman, Kai Howe and Sonny Coldman. Click here to see a larger version of the above photo.

Press Release issued by the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary
For more details please contact: Nigel Croasdale 01485 533576
Date: 22nd September 2015

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