Premature Seal Pup Fighting for His Life after being Abandoned in the Wild

Seal pup "Rumba" was underweight and malnourished after being abandoned at birth. Chances of survival were slim when he was discovered and brought to SEA LIFE Hunstanton. Despite the odds, Rumba is making a healthy recovery.

Having to fend for themselves is a difficult start for any young animal, needless to say a premature seal pup. This was the reality for Rumba, a common seal discovered amongst the rocks on Brancaster beach.
Rumba on 12th May 2018
Rumba on 12th May 2018 Found by a local resident on 6th May 2018, Rumba was underweight and malnourished, weighing just 7kgs. With most Common seal pups weighing up to 10kgs, this was cause for concern for the staff at SEA LIFE Hunstanton who rescued Rumba and brought him back to the centre for care.

It was apparent when Rumba was discovered that he was born just a few hours earlier as his umbilical cord was still attached and his white fur coat intact.
With common seal pup´s white coat usually shedding in the mother´s womb, it was clear that Rumba had not only been abandoned but also born six weeks premature.

The Sea Life experts suggested that Rumba´s premature birth was likely due to the mother seal becoming ill or stressed, causing him to be born early and leaving him with a slim chance of survival.

Rumba on 12th May 2018
Rumba on 26th May 2018 Rumba, as he has been named by the staff caring for him, has since been recovering at SEA LIFE Hunstanton where he enjoys playful bath times with the centre experts and he is closely monitored by SEA LIFE aquarist Nicky Nelson.

"Being born so prematurely Rumba´s chances of survival were very slim when he was rescued. It´s incredibly sad to think that he might not have made it if he would have gone undiscovered. He was both underweight and malnourished which was very concerning for us.
However, the team have been watching over him very closely, feeding him a special blend of fish soup which contains all the nutrients he needs to build his health back up, we have even been coming to the centre to feed him every three hours through the night."

Rumba has now been recovering at the centre for four weeks with the hope of being released back into the wild in August 2018.
Rumba - photo taken on 17th June 2018

Press Release issued by the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary
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Date: 21st June 2018

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