If Gold Medals Were Given Out
For Seal Rescues

Record Breaking Year for Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary during busiest ever summer for seal rescues!   A staggering 50 Seals so far in 2016!

However, the Sanctuary has also seen the financial burden of its rescue work soar!

The Sanctuary estimates it has spent over £28,000 so far this year on medications and feed alone.
Front of Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary
Seal Rescue Hospital The year´s tally of rescued grey and common seal pups currently stands at 50...seven more than last year´s record of 43...with five months still to go.

Displays Curator and the Sanctuary´s most experienced seal rescue expert Kieran Copeland believes three factors have combined to ensure his animal care team is busier than ever before.
"First there was the sperm whale stranding´s, our involvement in which raised the profile of the Sanctuary and alerted a lot more people to the fact that we´re here and doing this work," he said.

"Then there have been closures of other facilities like the Winterton Seal Hospital, and finally there has been lots of sunny weather."
sperm whale stranding
A pup on the beach He explained that sunshine gets more people on the beaches and is increasing the likelihood of seal mums that have hauled out with their pups being disturbed and abandoning their offspring. This is why it´s so important for the public to be aware of seals and what to do when coming across one.

It also means a greater likelihood of pups that have got into trouble for other reasons being discovered and the Sanctuary getting alerted.
The most expensive seal pup in recent months has been Bonnie (photo right) that Kieran estimates has cost around £6,000.

"Bonnie was found abandoned on Old Hunstanton Beach late June and received emergency treatment, a local vet had to wire poor Bonnie´s lower jaw together in the hope Bonnie would be able to eat whole fish again." said seal care expert Kieran Copeland.
Bonnie "Bonnie is recovering very well and has been eating whole fish; this is an extremely positive sign" said Natalie Emmerson who rescued Bonnie.

Of this year´s rescues seven are convalescing in the outdoor pool with our resident seals prior to following their numerous forerunners back to the wild, and 15 pups are currently being cared for in the specialist seal hospital.
Press Release issued by the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary
For more details please contact: Adam Makinson on 01485 533576
Date: 16th August 2016

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