12 days of Enrichment!

All of the resident creatures at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary will be taking part in 12 days of special Christmas enrichment.

The animal care team at the Sanctuary will be treating the residents to enrichment every day for the run up to Christmas.
12 days of Enrichment!
12 days of Enrichment! Although the residents have enrichment with the animal care team regularly, this year the sanctuary have decided to share with the public each day's enrichment via their Facebook page.

Enrichment is an important aspect of the Animal Care Team´s day to day work. It is how the Sanctuary keeps all of their animals happy and busy throughout the day and helps them to ensure that they are being mentally and physically stimulated.
This can be done in a number of ways including giving toys to encourage exercise and problem-solving, stimulating the animal´s senses and giving food treats in novelty ways.

Not only does enrichment keep their animals happy and healthy, it can also provide important bonding time between the team and the animals, allowing the team to give them the best possible care.
12 days of Enrichment!
12 days of Enrichment! Natalie Dyer, animal care team member who came up with the idea said "We do enrichment with our residents regularly, but it´s not something that members of the public may get to see during their visit."

"We wanted to do something that would be fun and festive for our wonderful resident creatures, but also for our guests to be able to follow during the run up to Christmas!"
"The creatures here at the Sanctuary love enrichment so it's going to be really lovely to document and share their enjoyment with everyone."

To follow the Sanctuaries "12 days of enrichment" visit their Facebook page to see the residents of the Sanctuary get into the festive spirit!
12 days of Enrichment!

Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Georgina Shannon on 01326 221361
Issue Date: 13th December 2016