St Agnes Seal Release Marks
40 Years of Rescue

The speedy recovery of a rescued seal pup has enabled animal care workers to lay plans for a very special release event.

The team at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary thought they had already staged their final release of the year, until a pup called Crossword defied the odds by getting fit enough and fat enough for a return to the wild sooner than expected.
Crossword As this last winter was the 40th grey seal breeding season since the Sanctuary moved from St Agnes to its present location in Gweek...St Agnes is where Crossword will be freed.

She will make away to the tide edge across the same sands where Sanctuary founder the late Ken Jones rescued his first pup in 1958.
"Crossword was a late arrival, rescued from Trevavnance Cove at St Agnes on 22nd May 2016," said seal care team leader Tamara Cooper, "the last of an incredible 65 casualties this season,".

"She was about five months old but had a series of minor bite wounds and cuts and scrapes to her flippers, and was running a temperature."
Crossword "She was also very dehydrated, and we thought she would need a lengthy stay, but she responded really well to treatment and was soon building stamina and piling on weight in our outdoor convalescence pool."
The Sanctuary´s hospital and convalescence pools have been so busy since last autumn that at one stage it was feared some pups would have to be air-lifted to a centre in Norfolk to free up space for new arrivals.

Happily that contingency was avoided, and eventually the recovered pups were returned to the wild in batches of up to six at a time.
Convalescent Pool
"As Crossword will be on her own that means we can stretcher her down across the beach instead of having to drive as close as we can get to the sea in our rescue vehicle," said Tamara.

"That´s why we will be able to release her at St Agnes, where ordinarily we wouldn´t be able to gain access for a multiple release."

Tamara and her colleagues are sure that once Crossword scents the salt air and sees the surf...she won´t need any clues as to what to do next.

Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Georgina Shannon on 01326 221361
Issue Date: 4th July 2016

Photos No. 1-4 - Credit : Simon Bone, member of the BDMLR and CSGRT