Sanctuary Rescues Three Seal Pups From Same Beach in Same Week!

Animal care staff at Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary are nursing three grey seal pups rescued within days of each other from the same Norfolk beach.

All three are females and all are just a few months old. They were also all found to be suffering from a parasitic lung infection...but more serious by far was a nasty eye injury suffered by the second of the three, christened Artemis (photo right).
Artemis Artemis´s rescuers, who were surprised to be called to Mundesley Beach for the second time in a week, were shocked to see the extent of the injury to her left eye.

"She also had a few other minor cuts, suggesting a run-in with an unfriendly adult seal, but her eye was in a really bad way it´s almost certain she will never see out of it again, if indeed she doesn´t end up losing it altogether," said Natalie.
Happily Artemis has already settled into the Sanctuary´s recently refurbished indoor hospital and is responding well to veterinary treatment and the ministrations of dedicated staff.

"We are sure she will make a full recovery," said Natalie "and the loss of one eye should not be an obstacle to her future survival back in the wild."
Athena Artemis joined Athena (photo left) in the hospital, seemingly an earlier victim of a tussle with another seal, although she bore so many small cuts it is also possible she was attacked by a dog after hauling herself onto the Mundesley sands.

"Despite her wounds Athena was feeding herself happily after just one day at the Sanctuary, and we have absolutely no doubt she will be fighting fit again in no time," said Natalie.
The third seal to be rescued was Hemera who was suffering from a swollen and infected rear flipper but has already responded quickly to her treatment and has started to eat for herself within a few days of being admitted to the hospital.

Once their injuries have all healed and all three pups are free of lung worms and taking whole fish with no difficulties, they will move out to the spacious outdoor pool with resident common seals Sally, Amber, Tyne, Miley and Pendle.
If all goes smoothly they will be returned to the wild in the summer, just as the Sanctuary gears up to take in any casualties from the common seal breeding season. Commons produce their off-spring in the summer whereas greys give birth in the winter.

"It´s no consolation for Athena, Artemis and Hemera of course, but their presence in our otherwise unoccupied seal hospital will be a bonus for visitors over the Easter holiday period," said General Manager Nigel Croasdale.

Press Release issued by the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary
For more details please contact: Nigel Croasdale 01485 533576
Date: 2nd April 2015

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