Pascoe was rescued on 4th February 2018
Pascoe, 16 weeks old male seal pup, was rescued on 4th February 2018 from Porthallow.

This pup was found with several superficial wounds all over his body. He had an infection on his rear right left flipper on the nail bed and several bite wounds all over his body, with a laceration on left side of back.
Pascoe Update - 25th February 2018 : Pascoe´s wounds are healing nicely and off treatment. Once the animal care team are totally sure that he will not need more treatment, Pascoe will be able to move to the outside nursery pools. He currently weighs 24.5kgs.

Pascoe´s flipper tag number is 362 (green).

These photos above and left were taken on 23rd February 2018, click here to see a larger versions.