Otterly Mad!
Staff at the National Seal Sanctuary are going to stomach-churning lengths this week in an effort to raise money to save endangered otters.

The Sanctuary, who provides a long term home for two much-loved Asian short-clawed otters Starsky and Hutch, have pledged to help raise funds to support otter conservation work.

A campaign launched by International Otter Survival Fund, christened "Furget-Me-Not.", works towards saving the Cambodian otter which is being hunted to the edge of extinction by illegal fur traders.
The dedicated Sanctuary team has pledged to munch their way through crunchy crickets, meal worms, bamboo grubs, silk worms and dung beetles to help raise funds.
Starsky "Every penny raised will go towards helping native Cambodians develop alternate forms of income and encouraging them to protect, rather than hunt, their otters," said the Sanctuary´s Laura Ward.

"We decided a good way of raising some cash would be to get visitors to donate to see us eat some of the insects that these otters eat to supplement their diet in the wild - the more we raise, the worse bugs we will eat!"

The centre has got in a stock of bugs sufficient to horrify onlookers at 12.30pm and 3pm on Friday 4th June 2010.
"We´re all a bit squeamish when it comes to insects so its going to be a challenge but it will definitely be worth it if it helps save the otters" added Laura.
The event works in conjunction with IOSF´s Otterly Mad week, 7 days dedicated to raising funds throughout the world for these creatures.

The event comes after the Sanctuary welcomed their new colony of Humboldt penguins in April in to their own new fantastic enclosure. The enclosure has underwater viewing and even an area upstairs to view them from above!

And of course Starsky and Hutch are sure to lend their own support to the cause with a few timely whistles and chirrups as the animal care team delivers the regular otter talks and feeding demonstrations.
Starsky and Hutch
The Sanctuary is open from 10am daily. Discounted entrance tickets can be purchased in advance.

Press Release issued by: The National Seal Sanctuary
For more details please contact Laura Ward by email or on 01326 221361
Date: 2nd June 2010

Note to Editors:
ISOF (International Otter Survival Fund) details can be found at and details of the furget-me-not campaign can be found at Tel 01471 822 487, email